functional fitness

“Functional” as defined by Webster’s Dictionary used to contribute to the development or maintenance of a larger whole

We teach movement patterns and mechanics inside the gym to help you move safer and more confidently outside the gym.

Constantly varied

Marathon runner vs. Strongman competitor. Both are “Fit” in their area of expertise, but how much weight can the runnner lift and how far can the Strongman run?

We combine elements of gymnastics, weights, and cardio to bring you a balance of getting stronger and faster while increasing your endurance and cardiovascular health.

High Intensity

High Intensity is often the misinterpreted piece of CrossFit.

At CrossFit Manitowoc, we believe that not every day is a “redline” kind of day. We believe in deload and active recovery weeks. We believe in listening to our bodies and putting safety first no matter what. We believe you know when to push yourself and when to take it easy. We discourage careless, thoughtless movements and mechanics. We actively coach and train athletes in every group class.

There is time for high intensity and exploring what you are capable of, but that comes after mechanics are established.

Leading all our new members through an Intro Series of 6 classes, we teach movements and mechanics in small group settings. If you are interested in learning more, click on the link to “Get Started” with a Free Intro Workout.