From the athlete’s perspective

It really can change your life!

We have heard all the excuses. “ I need to get in shape before I can do CrossFit.” “CrossFit is dangerous.” “CrossFit is intense.” The list goes on and on. We understand the stigmas. We understand the fear of trying something new. We understand that the media and the “sport of CrossFit” has sometimes created a negative reputation for CrossFit. Not all CrossFit gyms are created equal, and our athletes can attest to that.

Most of our athletes didn’t come to us with an extensive fitness background. Some had joint limitations. Some had prior injuries. Some had chronic back pain and knee pain. Some had weight to lose. Some had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugars. Some had anxiety and depression. But they all had something in common: they put aside the excuses. They took a chance. And they found a life change. They found coaches that would work around their limitations and seek to prevent aggravation of prior injuries. They found relief from long term back pain. They found weight loss. They experienced the best bloodwork values they have seen in years. And they found confidence to take on their anxiety and depression.

Is CrossFit for everyone? It can be, but it may not be. All of the amazing results come from physically hard, mentally challenging, and humbling moments that are balanced with a supportive community, encouraging coaching and astounding personal accomplishments.

The testimonials below are just a small sampling of the many stories of real life people from Manitowoc that put aside the excuses, left their ego at the door, and found a fitness community that not only made them physically stronger, but changed their life in the process.