Privacy Policy

We don’t share your private information with anyone, ever.

We don’t sell private or public information to anyone, ever.

Terms & Conditions

When signing up for a membership or purchasing products you are authorizing charges to your credit card.

After purchasing monthly memberships you will be held to the terms and conditions specified in your membership agreement.

REfund Policy

Members have the right to cancel any membership until midnight of the 3rd operating day after the date of purchase of any membership. If within this time period you decide you want to cancel this membership, you may do so by notifying CrossFit Manitowoc by any writing mailed (emailed) or delivered to CrossFit Manitowoc at our location, within the previously described time period. If you do so cancel, any payments made by you will be refunded within 21 days after notice of cancellation is delivered.

For monthly memberships the minimum purchase is a 1 month term.

For 6 and 12 month memberships - if cancelled before the term expires a cancellation fee consisting of the total amount discounted will be applied to your account.

We are not your ordinary gym. Our rules are likely different from those posted at the last place you worked out.

They are part of what makes us different and a large reason why our Community is so strong.